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Here it is, a year since the last in-person OUP walk. A lot has changed in the last year, but it’s still not possible to do in-person walks like we normally do.

In recognition of that, and in honor of Black History Month and Black Lives Matter, I’ve created a digital version of the Black History walk that we’ve led in previous years. You can either do it as a self-guided tour with your phone, or do it virtually from your computer.

As with the other digital walking tours we’ve published, the tour page gives some basics about the walk: the topic, where to start, how long the walk is, etc. When you’re ready to take the walk, either self-guided in the real world, or virtually from your computer, click on Start the tour and go from there.

6 thoughts on “Black History tour

  1. Hello, and thank you for the information! I wonder if there is any organization still doing these tours, and if so, how can I be in contact with them? We are an emerging travel agency that has shifted to provide local, culturally-based tours during COVID and I would love to learn more about these tours, and possibly collaborate. Will love to hear from you!



    • A longer email is on its way to you, but for others who come across this, I’ve been working with the Friends of the Hoover-Durant Public Library on a Black Liberation Walking Tour in the Hoover-Durant/Hoover-Foster neighborhood. See the website for more info, including the official tour launch on June 19th, 2021.

    • I’m hoping to do a tour on August 14 (2nd Saturday). Since you’re the first to respond — which Oakland tour would you like it to be?

  2. Gene, if you’re doing any in-person tours on Thursday, Friday, or Monday please let me know. My girls and I would be interested in finding out the details. We can do the self-guided but since they’re teens, I think they’d be much more into it if they had a live person.

    Thanks –

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