Time to Rock and Walk

Thanks to all who turned out for our first Rock and Walk and especially to Andrew Alden for sharing his geologic insights with us. Our route map is displayed below and a copy of the brochure we handed out is available here for you to use and share with your friends. A nifty blog post with pictures, route and historical links is available at ouroakland.net and Andrew Alden’s own comments are online, with comments from around the world.









It’s time to Rock and Walk! Join us on Saturday, February 11th to explore Oakland’s unique geology and quarry legacy with Oakland geologist Andrew Alden of Oakland Geology.

If this topic gets you excited, you might also want to consider attending Andrew’s talk with the Oakland Heritage Alliance on Thursday, February 9th.

We’ll start at the southeast corner of the Rockridge Shopping Center next to the quarry pond and walk to three other former quarries in close proximity: the locations currently known as Davie Tennis Stadium, Dracena Park and the Morcom Rose Garden.

Of course, paths and stairs will connect our journey.

This 5-mile walk will take three hours to complete.

* Meet at the southeast corner of the Rockridge Shopping Center parking lot at 10:00am.
* Return to starting point by 1pm
* Heavy rain cancels, light rain doesn’t (Walking in the rain is ok, ‘ya know we need it).
* Dogs OK! 

3 thoughts on “Time to Rock and Walk

  1. I should note that the walk had two Easter eggs not on the official route map: a pathway off Boulevard Way just past the 3-mile mark connects to Sylvan Road, and instead of going up Gilbert at the end, we went up View Street where there’s an eight-step stairway to Pleasant Valley at the top.

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